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Terms & Conditions

1) Interpretation of these terms & conditions of contract

The company: any reference made to the company in the following terms & conditions of contract shall mean Direct Services. The customer: any reference to the customer in the following terms & conditions of contact shall mean the person, business, firm, partnership of corporate body issuing instruction to the company. Materials: any references made to materials in the following terms & conditions of contract shall mean any materials, services, supplies, advise or information supplied by, or work carried out or undertaken by the company as part of its normal activities.

2) Working hours

The customer shall give access within the company’s usual working hours. In the event of this not being given & over time being worked at the customer request, the extra cost will be chargeable in addition to the quote price.

 3) Programme of work

Every effort will be made to meet requirements of the customer but no guarantee can be given of the date of commencement or completion of the work. The company accepts no responsibility for any delay in the execution of the work, or damage or inconvenience caused due to the labour disputes, fire, accident, non delivery or shortage of materials or other causes beyond the company’s control. Occasionally the company’s attempts to effects to or to clear a drain will be unsuccessful. provided that the company’s decision to attempt the work was made in good faith, all the time spent and materials used in conducting such work will be charged for at normal rates if unsuccessful.

4) Making good etc

Whilst every care will be taken by the company, they accept no responsibility fir any damage to plaster work, decorations, flooring etc, necessary consequent upon the execution of the work unless specifically provided for in the quotation. Cuts or holes made to allow equipment will be made good but not permanently finished or decorated. Floor boards will be replaced but special flooring will not be permanently re-fixed.

5) Water Heating

Quotations for water heating installations are based on the assumption that the existing plumbing system is in a satisfactory condition. No responsibility is accepted for defects arising in water tanks, pipes etc. during or subsequent to installation work undertaken by the company.

6) Wayleaves

The customer shall be responsible for obtaining and retaining any necessary consents easement, or wayleaves and of any reinstatement of disturbed ground. In the case of extensions to underground work distributing lines which are the customers own property or on privately owned property over which the customer has rights to access or a tenancy.

7) licences

Any licence, permit or the other authority; necessary for the execution of work, shall be obtained by the customer.

8) Guarantee

Subject as mentioned below, the company guarantees all equipment installation and apparatus supplied and fixed or supplied only under this quotation for a period of six months from the date of completion and undertakes to repair or replace the same as its option in the event of them becoming defective and or to remedy and defects which are found to be due to faulty workmanship within that period, free of cost. Unless otherwise specified in the quotation. The company’s guarantee does not cover: drain clearance, any temporary repairs, defects due to fair ware and tear, the replacement of lamps and fuses, or any causes beyond the control. If any repair, alterations or additions to the equipment, installation, and/or apparatus are carried out by any person who has not been specifically authorised by the company, then the guarantee shall be null and void.

9) Fluctuations

Invoices are strictly net & the quoted price will be adjusted to meet any price variation in labour or materials occurring after the date or quotation.

11) Extra cost

In the event of suspension or cancellation or work at the request of the customer, or lack of instruction or delay on site, caused by matters beyond the control of the company, any extra expenses hereby incurred shall be chargeable to the customer. if overtime is worked or alterations are made at the request of the customer, the extra cost incurred including reasonable additions for administration expenses and overhead charges will be met by the customer.

12) Consequential loss or damage

The company shall not be responsible for any consequential damage or loss arising out of the performance of the contact.

13) Scope of conditions of contract

These conditions of contact will apply in full to all quotations and work carried out (and) or apparatus or equipment supplied by the company under such quotations except where specifically agreed in writing on the contrary.

14) Taxation

The price quoted is subject to any subsequent variation in taxation.

15) Claims

With regards to claims against the company it is imperative that we are informed at the earliest. Also that the company is allowed to inspect the damage before any remedial work is carried out, otherwise the company will disclaim any responsibility for the claims.

16) Interest

The company will charge interest at 15% per month on outstanding invoices for non account customers from the date of completion of work, plus an administration fee of £10 per week.

17) Estimates

Any estimation of work is only an estimate and is subject to no unforeseen circumstances.

18) Waiting time

The company shall charge waiting time to the customer at the full labour rate, if for any reason beyond the company’s control, waiting time is incurred upon any of the company’s employees or agents, as a result of delay, for whatever reason, caused by the customer.

19) Agreed labour rate

The labour rate quoted and agreed at the start of the work, is the rate the work will be charged at. This Rate is £29 for the first twenty minutes then £85 for the remaining hour and then at £45 per half hour thereafter.

20) Plant Hire

Plant hire includes any mechanical machinery that is used and is charged at an hourly rate of £140.00 this is additional to any labour charges.

21) Quotations

Quotations for works that are not to be carried out under our standard rate charges and are for insurance, competitive quotes or inspection of other works not completed by the company will be charged at a standard flat fee of £195.00.

22) Cancellations

A minimum of 4 hours notice is required  in writing to cancel an appointment otherwise a charge of  a minimum of 1 hour of the agreed labour rate will be incurred for a wasted call out in addition to this if we arrive at the pre-booked appointment and you decide you do not wish to go ahead with the works a flat fee of £165.00 will be charged.

*Minimum charge 1 hour